About us

Who we are

Enduata Community Initiative Organization (ECIO) is a Non-profit, Tanzanian registered nongovernmental organization dedicated to empowering the vulnerable, marginalized, voiceless, underprivileged or disadvantaged groups, including women, youth and children with disabilities in Maasai communities. The organization focuses on the areas of conservation, education and economic empowerment programs. ECIO founded in by Tanzanian experts from different disciplines, operates in northern Tanzania particularly in Arusha, Kilimanjaro and Manyara to promote conservation, education and community empowerment.

No Poverty

Better Education

Community Empowerment

Better Health

Safe Environment

Our approach

Our trust based on the power of creativity and innovations of individuals talented, who are ready to use and delivering in efficiency, effectiveness, professionalism, teamwork, trust worth and hard working to help in providing innovative solutions to the challenges facing our communities
and ensure improvement of their livelihood at household level. ECIO collaborate with our communities, our partners and government agencies to provide clear solutions to the critical problems facing our communities.


To provide quality support on education services, Community empowerment programs and conservation to improve the lives of vulnerable women and children in rural Maasai communities 


To be a leading organization that promote quality standard of living by addressing challenges facing the rural Maasai community in Tanzania.

Our Core Values


We are accountable for our words, actions, and outcomes.


We honor and value the voice of everyone and the communities that we serve.


We commit to be equitable, transparent, trustworthy and respectfully.


Our collective efforts result in greater success.


We aim to reach our highest potential in all that we do through rigor and reflection.

Long-Term view

We look beyond the present to deliver future value for our people and conservation.


Engaging multiple voices and disciplinary perspectives.


We value informed actions, believing in education and research to improve the world.

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