Support Children With Disabilities (CWD)

The Maasai community holds the belief that disability is a curse. Cultural beliefs contribute to this misconception about the cause of disabilities. Children born with a disability are destined for a life of dependency. We have three main goals in our projects, with a focus on supporting children with disabilities (CWD).

– Changing attitude towards CWD within the Maasai community.
– Empowering families of the CWD socially and economically,
– Provide access to both medical and rehabilitation service 

Most of disable children in rural communities lack the access to medical and rehabilitation services due to distance, travel cost and the high level of illiteracy in villages that make them not to understand or knows what benefit the governments provides. In Maasai community, the
challenge faced by CWD not deserving attention from stakeholders compared to other subjects such as education, gender and health. As a result, stigma is a main challenge. ECIO aims to fill this gap and create a community in which CWDs have access to medical and rehabilitation treatment, economy, social needs and decision making.

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