Environmental & Wildlife Conservation programs

Environmental & Wildlife Conservation Education Projects.

We’re keenly aware of the immediate threats to conservation. Our culture is fully connected to the diversity of our land. For centuries, the Maasai lived in harmony with animals, sustainably rotating their cattle herds and nurturing a respectful relationship with wildlife. Our project goal is to involve the community in conservation and provide integrated environmental and wildlife conservation education to youth from surrounding communities. Through innovative, community-based learning experiences, this involves classroom-based and outdoor
environmental activities with students, teachers, and young people. Lessons, wildlife clubs, field trips, and outdoor activities are all part of how the project impacts the community. Training addresses various crucial environmental concerns, including deforestation, soil erosion, waste management, and water conservation.

Human - Wildlife conflict and co-existence.

Co-existence between people and elephants is a significant conservation challenge in Tanzania, Elephants are a species of conservation priority recognized for their contribution to the national economy through wildlife tourism in Tanzania, However, elephants can also have negative impacts on people and livelihoods, especially in communities that share space and resources with elephants. It also deteriorates relations between communities and wildlife authorities. Thus, ensuring long-term human-elephant coexistence in Tanzania requires mitigation of the negative impacts of elephants on people, and vice versa.

ECIO’s Human-Elephant Coexistence team works towards enhancing capacity for coexistence in the following ways:

  • Working with farmers to form co-operatives and support crop damage reduction projects, including beehive fence projects
  • Education and awareness-raising events to explain elephant behaviour, provide context for human- elephant interactions and provide advice on how to stay safe around
  • Facilitate the easy techniques for early detection and warning of elephants that involve using mobile phones for quick communication among farmers, and between farmers and local officials to facilitate cooperation in driving away potentially problematic elephants
  • Furthermore, as a youth-led organization, we believe in working and strengthening youths Maasai worries to be the backbone of our conservation effort guarding against human elephant conflict and to be elephant warriors who will take a lead to protect both elephants and

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