Community Empowerment

We work with local communities to increase their capacity to develop sustainable livelihood options that reduce poverty by improving the economic status of vulnerable women through income-generating programs and reducing the marginalization of women by enabling them to become self-reliant.

Village Community Banks (VICOBA)

ECIO helped to establish and strengthen 10 women-led self-sufficient savings and loan groups to empower them in supporting their families’ well-being. Among them, 10% are parents or guardians of children with disabilities. ECIO plans to grow by offering financial management
training and guidance on micro-savings and loans.

Expected outcomes.

  • Achieving economic independence allows them to invest in what is important to them, education for their children, especially girls, to improve their family’s nutrition and overall well-being.
  • Women become financially secure, contribute to their families well-being and enable access to important social services like education and healthcare

Shanga Project

The Maasai pastoralist communities have a rich tradition of handicrafts. The self-taught and informal nature of the skills used to create products hinders their competitiveness in the market.

ECIO Vision toward the Shanga projects:

  • ECIO helps Maasai women turn their beading skills into a sustainable business, empowering them to support their families and educate their children.
  • Enhancing the quality of cultural bead products through improved skills and knowledge for sustainable business growth and market connections.

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