Education and scholarship programs

The overall goal of the education program is to provide education and scholarship opportunities to underserved communities and promote education amongst Maasai women and girls through access to quality education. The objective is to reach out to more girls’ and increase the number of girls who access education opportunities to over 1000 girls by. The organization currently supports over 10 girls through school fees, boarding, medical, transport. ECIO also works with government agencies and communities to enhance students learning both at school and at home by building the strong relationship between schools’ leadership, teachers, parents and children.

The Pastoralist Maasai Community has an illiteracy rate of approximately 75% due to restricted educational opportunities, particularly for women and girls. The aim of ECIOs education programs is to improve education access and increase girls’ school enrollment. Academic
scholarships and women’s adult literacy classes are among the education interventions provided by ECIO.

Sponsor a Student

A sponsor changes lives. Education changes everything.

In Tanzania, primary and Secondary School education is theoretically free, but many additional expenses make it challenging for students from poor families, particularly those in rural Maasai communities, where girls’ worth is often determined by their dowries rather than their access to
schooling. Students are unable to pay for school necessities like uniforms, books, meals, supplies, additional tuition fee, healthcare, and transport. Sponsors will be provided with a photo of their sponsored. Academic reports, letters from students. In addition, if you’re travelling to Tanzania, you have the opportunity to meet and visit her school.

The total annual cost to sponsor a student

Primary (class 1-7)- $1,000
Secondary (form 1-4) – $1,000
Postsecondary (vocational, college, university)- $2,000

Students in Need of Sponsorship

General Sponsorship Fund

ECIO created a General Sponsorship Fund that provides donations for education costs, specifically for emergency situations among our students. Even a fairly small amount can really make a difference

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