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Narau Kimani Laizer

CO-Founder and Director

Narau is a Maasai woman born in a remote village in Ngorongoro, she has invested most of her time in her community, advocating for the importance of education to the community and the rights of Maasai women and girls. Naraus’ specialty is in wildlife conservation and Tourism from the college of Africa wildlife management MWEKA in Tanzania. 

Soon after graduating from college education, Narau started a volunteering program in identify girls who are at risk of drop out from a transition period from primary school to secondary school due to early marriage, and other bad cultural practice that prevent them to attend to school, by connecting with schools and finds for sponsorships from friends as well as fundraising from the community she lives, 

Since 2019 Narau had been collaborate with different NGO in planning and managing conservation projects, Narau joined Ruaha Carnivore Project as a research assistant and involved in various project aspect such as provide conservation education to local communities and distributes benefit to local communities as an outreach programmed and proven with high performance in community-based conservation projects. 

On leaving her role as a research assistant at Ruaha carnivores projects, Narau returned home and founded ECIO with the goal of shifting power closer to her community and building that just and fairer world she has aspired to since childhood. She is currently a Cofounder and Director at ECIO

Oloshuku Mbekure

Co-founder and Program manager

Mr. Oloshuku, a Tanzanian health professional, has worked in multiple health organizations for more than five years, gaining experience in rehabilitative surgeries and outreach programs in various hospitals and healthcare industries. He is skilled in administration, physiotherapy, and program development. Oloshuku’s background includes a bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy from Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre and an internship at Hegau Jugendwerk in Germany, showcasing strong entrepreneurship skills. Despite the complexity of the work carried out by ECIO, Oloshuku aims to maximize the impact on people’s lives with limited funds.

Ngaayo Lerug

Education & Sponsorship Officer

Mrs. Ngaayo is a passionate forestry officer who is self-motivated, committed and enthusiastic about chasing her goals. She completed her Bachelor of science in forest at Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) in Tanzania. Her BSc. project assessed the effect of the land use, land cover changes and fire incidence around Uluguru nature forest reserve in Morogoro, Tanzania. Ngaayo has expertise on GIS and remote sensing, Tree nursery operation and management ecological surveys, and socio-economic assessment surveys.

Lajara Kimaay Telele

Finance officer

Lajara is a Tanzanian youth who grew up and studied in Ngorongoro Conservation Area. His higher learning takes from Sokoine University of Agriculture completed Bachelor of Tourism Management. He served on a number of boards as a treasure.  He is also a certified flight operational officer under the Tanzania Civil Aviation Flight Operations License. He’s passionate about his community.

Neema Ole-Mopian Mollel

Community Liaison officer

She is a Maasai girl who is passionate about her community. She completed her diploma in Marketing and public relation at National Institute of Transport (NIT). Through our communication and public engagements, Neema is committed to putting women and girls at the heart of everything we do and making sure their voices are heard.

Leonard Mghamba

Conservation coordinator

Leonard has 4 years’ experience in different conservation iniatives like research, Human Wildlife Conflicts Management, participating in outreach program to enhance conservation education to communities around protected areas in Northern Tanzania. He has BSc in Wildlife Management from College of African Wildlife Management-Mweka. Leonard is passionate future conservationists also attended 2022 Youth for Nature Conference which had themes on career in conservation, youth in conservation today and IT in conservation tomorrow. Leonard keeps spreading conservation education around communities adjacent to forest reserves. Also managing human wildlife conflict management by controlling dangerous and problem animals like Elephant and Hippopotamus to reduce disputes and make local people to have positive attitude on Wild animals.

Tauta Mappi

Agriculture Coordinator

Tauta is an ambitious and driven junior researcher, biology conservationist, and biological researcher. With a diverse range of research interests, including zoonotic diseases, reproductive health, and community engagement, Tauta is dedicated to understanding and addressing critical issues in the field of zoonotic diseases, reproductive health and community based interventions and conservation. Tauta holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biology with a specialization in conservation and ecology. Being in research industry, Tauta has gained in-depth knowledge of ecological principles, disease dynamics, and community-based approaches or interventions, Tauta demonstrates a commitment to interdisciplinary research and community engagement.

Tabitha Asumu

Office Administrator

Tabitha has been working with several organizations in the areas of administration. She possesses strong communication and interpersonal skills to collaborate effectively with a wide range of colleagues. Tabitha has experience in supervising high-performing administrative teams to ensure the effective execution of all office administration tasks, even under demanding resource and time constraints.

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